How a wine cellar for superyachts and megayachts should be

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wine cellars for luxury yachts
Today more than ever, the lifestyle onboard a yacht or other type of luxury boat is not reserved just for short-term holidays, but rather, because of the level of comfort achieved, can allow you to live just as comfortably as you would on land.

So why deprive yourself of having fine wines on board? Now you don’t have to.

Having a wine cellar on your luxury super or mega yacht makes the space even more elegant and refined and makes it a suitable place to spend treasured moments.

But how is a wine cellar for yachts and large boats different from a dry land cellar?

  • The first difference is the safety of the bottles, in fact, these must be well blocked to avoid falls due to the movement of the boat; 
  • A second difference is in the cooling system as in naval environments water cooling is used whereas on land air and water cooling systems in wine cellars might be combined.

wine cellars for yachts | cantine vini per yacht
Eugenio Campo is an expert in these issues and has carried out meticulous studies for the construction of various wine cellars for yachts which today are found around the world in the most luxurious environments. Thanks to this knowledge acquired by our designers, you will be able to welcome any type of bottle into your yacht wine cellar in complete safety and you will also be able to have a complete and efficient collection on your luxury boat.

In the case of wine cellars for yachts we propose a complete customization of the project that will be modeled according to your wishes. We are able to carry out any type of customization from the materials (for the structure, the supports, and for every detail that we will treat with extreme care), the dimensions, the shapes, and the home automation lighting.

This is the guarantee you need in order to entrust your yacht wine cellar project to Eugenio Campo. Ask us for more information to build your luxury yacht cellar.