How to choose the best wine cellar for your residence

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Custom bottle holder

Fine wine, like a work of art, needs to be positioned properly in order to be appreciated while also protected. There are, however, many factors to consider:

  • that the placement choice for the most suitable light, both natural and artificial, does not damage the cherished content of the bottles; 
  • that the right temperature and humidity percentages are met so that different wines do not deteriorate;
  • that the collection itself is pleasing to the eye and a source of pride to be shared with family and friends.

Achieving the perfect equilibrium by balancing these different elements becomes a complex operation and having a fine wine then keeping it inside the cupboard or placed in a wine bottle holder is not advantageous for anyone. If you love your luxury wines you must treat them right.

The solution? Enhance your space with a fine wine cellar.

Deciding how to furnish with a wine cellar is possible if you entrust yourself to the hands of Eugenio Campo’s designers. Not only will your bottles be housed in complete safety, but the entire design of your interior will be enriched, making the overall effect even more luxurious.

What is the best location for a wine cellar?

Usually, in organizing and creating a wine cellar, whether you choose a modern or ancient one, or if you think of your own style, your preference lies in the main living room or the kitchen, or, alternatively you can opt for a dedicated space.

The main living room and the kitchen are both places for conviviality and sharing, and in the case of the kitchen the cellar will be given a more intimate edge, while if located in the main living room you are choosing a more representative orientation. In the third option, that of a dedicated space, privacy is total and you are free to decide who to offer the luxury of entering the space with.

In all the cases illustrated, a luxury wine cellar embellishes any environment into which it is inserted and the key to this perfect success is the tailor-made construction and personalization of these environments: a custom project in terms of dimensions, choice of materials, supports for the bottles, and in home automation.

Among the favorite materials used to furnish and construct a wine cellar we find wood for the close link that exists between wine and wood. To this winning combination, especially regarding the main structure, other materials such as metal, iron, steel, plastic, or plexiglass can be combined according to your own tastes and as recommended by good designers.

Eugenio Campo is a company that has been involved in making luxury interior furnishings in wood since 1948, and has proven experience and knowledge in wood including the techniques of its processing, while also specializing in the construction of wooden wine cellars and other materials. When a customer decides to set up a wine cellar and entrusts the design to Eugenio Campo’s designers, their project will be unique, exclusive, inimitable, tailor-made and personalized.

What characteristics make a wine cellar elegant and functional?

  • Without a doubt, the starting point to reach this goal is to find a designer who knows how to listen to you, who makes your wishes his own, who returns them transformed into a vision of the perfect space for your personal wine cellar.
  • Having existing modules can sometimes be reassuring if you do not have a clear idea about what you want, but all of the elements and details must be customizable by you, this point is synonymous with a cellar cut and sewn to your size and your luxury environment.
  • The winery project must take into account the context in which it is inserted. The existing environment, the materials with which it will have to work with, the number and type of wines it must contain, and all of this, in the eyes of the designer, must not appear as limiting. On the contrary, these should be seen as a challenge to create a unique cellar;
  • The importance of the supports for the bottles that must hold the treasured material: among the different options you can, for example, choose brass to highlight the brilliance of the bottles and give the cellar an elegant and luxurious style or instead opt for supports in PMMA if you want to give your wine cellar an appearance of absolute lightness and a more modern style with essential lines. Whatever your idea, it will be achievable;
  • On / off light control and modulation. This might seem like a minor detail but the right lighting is fundamental for three reasons: 1) correct lighting creates different atmospheres in the same space depending on how it is regulated, 2) it creates a feeling of comfort for those who live in the space if designed correctly; and 3) in the case of your fine wine cellar, the lighting must also be calibrated so that it does not damage your wines;
  • The last feature on the list, but certainly not the least, is the integration of a fully customizable home automation system that can, for example, automatically switch off the lights when no movements are sensed within the cellar, or control and regulate the temperature and humidity.   

Whatever wine cellar you are thinking of for your space, whether it be a built-in wine cellar, an antique wine cellar or an individually designed wine cellar, let yourself be inspired by some of the successful projects carried out by Eugenio Campo. All the cellars have been designed and built to measure according to the wishes of the clients and completely customized:

The Larin restaurant cellar

In designing the cellar, the focus was on creating an environment for the conservation and also for the aging of the wines. The entire structure of the cellar was made of bleached fir wood while the shelves are made of glass. In this project, the clients opted for the integration of automation to control the home’s humidity and temperature;

The historic wine cellar of the Venetian company Cecchetto

In this case the space designed had three main objectives: the conservation of wines, and a place for the tasting and presentation of the company’s products.

The focal point is the central table made from the recovery of wooden staves from old barrels used for aging wine. The visual result is that of a casket worked according to the artisan tradition that distinguishes the master craftsmen of Eugenio Campo. This project also opted for home automation with temperature and lighting control.

Custom Bottle Holders.

The design of this welcoming cellar is characterized by the combination of different materials which creates a lively harmony between shapes and colors. The main structure is in bleached spruce, alternating with contrasting blackboard finished parts while the bottle supports are made of PMMA.

Paul’s Cellar.

The cellar is a patented brand and contains all the features that a fine wine cellar should have in a luxurious setting: a place of sharing and luxury for the palate.

The space was designed to store fine wines, cheeses, caviar and cigars inside. The project integrates perfectly with technology: it has an “RFID” access control system with which it is possible to control access and authorize only the desired personnel. It is also equipped with  on / off light control, adjustable in intensity to create the right atmosphere in every situation, and in the absence of movement the home automation system activates soft lighting for a great effect.