Smart wine cellars: hi-tech apps and systems by Eugenio Campo

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cantina vini con struttura in acciaio satinato ed interno a specchi
What does a wine cellar have to have to be considered smart?

The models of wine cellars existing on the market today are very diverse. There are those that are hi tech, more classical, or modern, and those that can be found in yachts or other completely customized environments.


To keep up with the times however, whichever type of luxury wine cellar you are considering, they cannot fail to have the following:

1_the air conditioning system. To properly design your wine cellar you must first consider what its function will be:

  • If its main function is the aging of wines you will not need a dual temperature wine cellar but a mono temperature one.
  • If, on the other hand, your would like your wine to be ready for consumption at a moment’s notice, then we recommend a dual zone wine cellar that guarantees an ideal microclimate for storing wines and that is designed and customized ad hoc to differentiate the difference between a white wine bottle as opposed to red, or even champagne which all possess different characteristics that will need different temperatures;

2_ the lighting system should also be designed in a way to adapt to any situation you may want to create without altering the state of conservation; 

3_ the integration of a home automation system, here, you decide which type of system to associate with your cellar, and you have an infinite combination of possibilities that you can then manage remotely: 

  • the lighting system (certified) that can always stay on with specially designed lights that won’t spoil the wine;
  • on / off lighting and light modulation;
  • temperature control;
  • ambient and humidity control;
  • control of aromas;
  • the stability of the bottles and protection from vibration;
  • home automation for access security: with different levels of security according to your needs;
  • automatic sliding doors;

4_  finally, all the requirements listed above must be controllable by using a smartphone or tablet through the association with a simple and functional application

We have listed the 4 most fundamental characteristics that a wine cellar must have to be part of the large family of technological wine cellars, but as you can see, you have a wide range of possibilities that when coming to a decision, could be helped along tremendously with the expertise of luxury wine cellar professional who has extensive experience in design and implementation.

At Eugenio Campo we have been dealing with the personalized design of luxury wine cellars and complementing technology with tradition for years. And thanks to this combination we have managed to realize our vision of the ideal luxury wine cellar that we can share with you while collaborating together on a project completely based on your wishes.

We have developed and customized a service in step with technology that takes the form of a custom designed application for wineries built exclusively for our customers.

App Wine Pocket by EUGENIO CAMPO is built to measure for your specific cellar and customized according your wishes, just as do for the luxury furniture design we create.

How does Eugenio Campo’s Wine Pocket work?


Immagini App Wine Pocket
Very simple, the first step is to build the database of all the bottles of your Eugenio Campo cellar.

Whether you’re new to wine collecting and tastings or a wine veteran you already know how important it is to organize and update a wine database.

In this function of the app, each bottle of wine is connected to a tab in which you will find all the information of the associated wine such as the name, the producer, the origin and also an option to enter the expiry date. You can also review the wine with a scale from 0 to 5 to remind yourself of the tasting experience and share and exchange opinions and comments with your friends who also love fine wines. The application also allows you to filter the cards based on specific characteristics of the wine or simply by typing in a string of text in the search field.

You can also amp up your cool factor using wine localization as thanks to this tool you will no longer have to waste time in locating the special wine stored for a particular occasion. Each bottle of wine has a distinct position associated to it in the app which  helps you locate it instantly.

When the bottle is associated with its card, the position it occupies in the cellar is also memorized and from this moment on you will be able to view a graphic diagram of your cellar with the exact position of each of your bottles of wine. 

Further, according to your needs, the application can be associated with home automation systems in a variety of combinations to meet your every need. If you consider yourself a lover, of technology and wine of course, connecting your wine cellar and home automation systems together is an absolute must.

Even more exceptional, the Eugenio Campo Wine Pocket app can be connected to home automation for lighting where you can put a small, carefully planned, spotlight on the exact bottle of wine you want thus turning a mundane task such as choosing a wine into a dazzling theatrical performance

In yet another example, using home automation access control, you can decide with what level of control to equip your cellar. Even opening the doors can have various levels of security access which can be programmed from the app where electronic keys will be generated and then sent to the mobile phone of those who must access the cellar at that moment. In restaurants, wine suppliers must enter and exit several times to unload new wines and using this control you can activate a key for just the time it takes, even a few hours, that will cease to function after the time has expired.

As you can see, the possibilities to customize your wine cellar with technology and home automation are endless, but with the experts from Eugenio Campo to help and guide you your perfect luxury wine cellar can be realized exactly as you’ve always imagined it to be.

Contact us for more information and personalized advice.