La Cantina di Paul is a patented brand dedicated to the memory of designer and friend Paul Casagrande. This cellar is a unique, functional space that can also be personalised as a place for gatherings and tastings.
The technology used makes this place ideal for storing wines, and more.
This corner is also perfect for cheeses, caviar, and fine cigars.
Thanks to its RFID technology access control system, it is possible to limit cellar access to authorized persons, while its entrance door is equipped with an integrated electric lock.
Its on/off light switch with variable brightness creates the perfect atmosphere for any occasion.
Furthermore, the home automation system can sense when there is no movement, and automatically switches off the main lights, creating a “sleep” scenario with seductively soft lighting. Quality tested and ready to be assembled, La Cantina di Paul can easily be installed wherever one wishes.
All you need is a power outlet.

La Cantina di Paul
Cantina di Paul decorazione
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La Cantina di Paul
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